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Social, environmental and economic issues surrounding GM foods, and the latest news

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January news round-up

Climate Change and Food Security: The Role of Biotechnology

Interesting thoughts on how GM crops could benefit Africa, with suggested actions including involving local people in decision making, public sector investment in GM rice and other crops which aren’t of interest to companies, and sharing results of regulatory tests between countries.

A Lonely Quest for Facts on Genetically Modified Crops

“Popular opinion masqueraded convincingly as science, and the science itself was hard to grasp. People who spoke as experts lacked credentials, and G.M.O. critics discounted those with credentials as being pawns of biotechnology companies.” A Hawaiian man goes on a similar journey of seeking the truth to mine. Continue reading

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December news

December was a busy month, here’s just a small amount of what I found in the news. Merry Christmas!

Is Africa ready for GM?
A new study in the journal Food Policy looked at the regulation and adoption of GM in Africa. One interesting suggestion in there was that countries may go through a Fiber–Feed–Food (F3) approach to adopting GM crops: Bt cotton is adopted first followed by GM crops for livestock feed while undergoing necessary assessments before producing GM foods for human consumption. Continue reading