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Wicked – a word for musicals not for GM crop opponents

Recently, Michael Purugganan, a Filipino plant geneticist (not working on GM), and a professor of biology and Dean of Science at New York University, wrote an interesting article about why he supports golden rice.

I was struck by his comment on false claims (a common one being that it can’t have enough vitamin A in it). Purugganan says: “Those who perpetuate these myths are doing a disservice to our country, especially to the malnourished, poorest Filipinos, and I urge everyone to seek out credible scientific evidence (with the stress on being both credible and scientific) to find the truth for themselves.” Continue reading


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GM rice with the potential to fight rotavirus

Last week, a paper was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation by scientists who have developed GM rice which protects mice from rotavirus. They engineered ‘MucoRice-ARP1’ by adding the gene for an antibody produced by llamas to fight rotavirus. The rice then has the potential to protect against rotavirus and to treat it. Continue reading