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Wicked – a word for musicals not for GM crop opponents

Recently, Michael Purugganan, a Filipino plant geneticist (not working on GM), and a professor of biology and Dean of Science at New York University, wrote an interesting article about why he supports golden rice.

I was struck by his comment on false claims (a common one being that it can’t have enough vitamin A in it). Purugganan says: “Those who perpetuate these myths are doing a disservice to our country, especially to the malnourished, poorest Filipinos, and I urge everyone to seek out credible scientific evidence (with the stress on being both credible and scientific) to find the truth for themselves.” Continue reading


Golden rice field trials destroyed

Earlier this month, activists in the Philippines destroyed a field trial of golden rice which was nearly ready to submit fortified rice to national regulators for safety approvals. The trial was from the Philippines Department of Agriculture. Continue reading

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GM rice with the potential to fight rotavirus

Last week, a paper was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation by scientists who have developed GM rice which protects mice from rotavirus. They engineered ‘MucoRice-ARP1’ by adding the gene for an antibody produced by llamas to fight rotavirus. The rice then has the potential to protect against rotavirus and to treat it. Continue reading