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Who I am

Rebecca Nesbit and a Barbary macaqueMy popular science book ‘Is that Fish in Your Tomato?‘ explores the fact and fiction of GM foods, reflecting my interest in the environment and how to ensure a growing population has enough to eat.

I studied for my PhD at Rothamsted Research with the University of York, researching butterfly migration. This was a fantastic experience, and I enjoyed fieldwork in Gibraltar (a migration route for birds and insects).

A few days after submitting my thesis I boarded the Eurostar and began my train journey to China. Do it, it’s amazing.

I then trained honeybees to detect explosives for a sadly now-defunct small company.

I now work in science communication and am trying to come up with a way to describe my job succinctly. Basically I spend a lot of time writing about science and science policy for everyone from school children to MPs, and the rest of the time talking about science and policy or arranging for other people to do the talking.

I also enjoy sailing, lace making, jewellery making, horse riding, and eating cake.

Follow me on Twitter @RebeccaNesbit, add me on LinkedIn or visit my website.

Rebecca Nesbit studing butterfly migration in Gibraltar

Rebecca Nesbit

3 thoughts on “Who I am

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  3. Maybe you are a MoJo and you don’t know it yet… 😉

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