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GM maize - Rebecca Nesbit

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News – June 2016

Some interesting links for GMO-relevant news floating around at the moment:

Crop breeding is not keeping pace with climate change – University of Leeds researchers published a paper ‘Current warming will reduce yields unless maize breeding and seed systems adapt immediately‘. Continue reading

Genetically modified maize crop USA agriculture


The final say from my UKIP MEP

Quick recap: I wrote to my MEPs asking them to make an evidence-based decision about the regulation of New Breeding Techniques, and a UKIP MEP’s political advisor replied that he has “no mandate to support legislative proposals from the unelected European Commission”.

I emailed him back to clarify the situation, to which I got more info about why Britain should leave the EU (and a link to Nigel Farage’s book – let me know if you’re aching to read it…). I wanted to be sure I’d understood him correctly in relation to my original query, so I posed the question:

“For the McIntyre Report, am I right in thinking that there was indeed a vote, but that Mr Agnew decided not to participate because he does not wish to further the aims of the EU?”

The response: Continue reading


It all comes back to Brexit – a letter from my UKIP MEP

A few days ago I blogged about the impending EU decision about whether to regulate New Breeding Techniques as GMOs, partly to distract myself from Brexit. It failed.

Writing the post caused me to stumble across a call by GM Freeze to write to your MEPs to ask them to vote to regulate New Breeding Techniques as GMOs. I promptly wrote to my MEPs asking them to make a decision based on science.  Continue reading


The EU decisions I’m eagerly awaiting

The Brexit debate has reached fever pitch, so I am trying to ignore it and focus my attention on another impending EU decision: will New Breeding Techniques be regulated as GM?

These techniques include using enzymes to make small and precise changes in a genome, or using current GM techniques to transfer genes from different varieties of the same crop.

There are a few major issues if the EU does regulate NBTs in the same way as GMOs: Continue reading