View from the fence

Social, environmental and economic issues surrounding GM foods, and the latest news


Are you equally concerned by health, social and environmental issues for GM?

My last post about people ignoring evidence which went against their point of view got me thinking about why people with concerns about GM (certainly those with the strongest views) seem to have the same concern or lack of concern about the different issues. These issues are (I would certainly argue) not all connected, so is it that people are making their decision about GM then finding all the facts which support that decision?

I think there will be lots of polls at the Rational Parliament, but I wanted to do a poll about this issue. Sorry that it isn’t the nuanced set of questions needed to explore the issue, but hopefully you can choose what best matches your view and expand on it in the comments section.

There will be lots of ways of interpreting any results, so I’d welcome your views on what this actually means.

Thank you very much for your vote and for any comments.