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Social, environmental and economic issues surrounding GM foods, and the latest news

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‘Pros’, ‘antis’ and ‘the public’

Depending on your perspective, pros can be corrupt profit hunters or antis can be hippies. From both perspectives ‘the public’ need educating, and they are generally either perceived as anti-GM or totally ambivalent.

This view of ‘prevailing opinion’ is of course an over-simplification in itself, but is disturbingly close to the truth. Continue reading

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Monsanto withdraws EU applications for new crops

This month, Monsanto confirmed that it is withdrawing all of its EU applications for approval for new crops (around 10), apparently in frustration about the delays in clearing existing crops at EU level. It does not affect clearance for existing GM seeds in Portugal and Spain.

This raises interesting questions about whether the approval process is set up to allow cultivation of crops which are safe for both human consumption and the environment*, while not being so expensive that only the largest multi-nationals can afford it. Continue reading